Of Kings and Queens

When Lady came to stay with us, among her personal effects was something called an Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge, a fancy name for an amazingly effective twist of layered cardboard meant to encourage cats to scratch places other than your furniture (it works).

20150626_055423 (2)It was her favorite thing in the world. She would scratch endlessly and roll all around on it, wiggling in and out of the holes, playing hide and seek–or simply sitting up and looking out on the world majestically. We took to calling it her dais.

When Trouble popped in for the summer unexpectedly, we thought for a while it might become neutral territory.
20150814_112843 1But at the end of the day, it became one of Trouble’s many conquests.

In fairness, Lady was outside all day and the dais sat in the best window of the house. Still, knowing how much she loved it, it was hard to watch Trouble furiously scratch every inch and mark it with saliva. Then again, at that point he was marking everything–including her food dishes, litter box, and favorite blanket. That cat was determined to be King.

Since Lady left, Trouble has relaxed significantly. We were concerned Lady might be a lightning rod for his
20150817_182810frustration over being kept inside, and that once she was gone, he might take it out on us…but now that he has secured his rightful place on the throne, he snuggles with us often and even sleeps in our bed at night. In fact, he enjoys lolling around the house so much that he’s getting bigger! We’re making him work harder for his dinner these days with this fun little food dispenser!

Meanwhile, Lady is relaxed and happy in her new home. The kids have more energy, and might just have enough to keep her entertained. They sent us this picture of her, sound asleep after playing with them, her favorite toy tucked beneath her.

IMG_0177 (2)

With both cats settled and happy, I’ve decided to bring this blog about their adventures to a close. This began as a fun way to keep the kids up to date on how their kitties were doing in our care–and our friends and family up to date on how we were surviving the kitties. It was a pleasant surprise to have so many far-flung cat-lovers follow along. There were a lot of other surprises along the way. I had no idea domestic cats were considered an invasive species, or that our insatiable appetite for cat food was tied to horrific human rights violations in Southeast Asia. Please read, reread, and share the information on TNR programs and the importance of keeping our cat population under control.

20150627_113109 (2)When it came to our own backyard, as you know, our main concern was for Lady’s safety–wild jungle cat that she is. Since I spent a few nights worrying about how this story might end, it is a great relief to close with two happy, healthy cats. Now that he is the undisputed King of the World, Trouble is quite comfortable staying inside. The rest of our summer should be blissfully dull since we won’t be walking around the block, entertaining our neighbors by calling for wayward cats.

And Lady? We made sure the kids packed her dais into the car the day they left (and quickly ordered a second one, pictured above). She still chases bunnies by day, but she returns home every night, clearly happy to be Queen. IMG_0175


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